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Good job everyone on getting our Heroic Garrosh kills smooth and fully on Farm. Thank you for your hard work, lets keep it up so that everyone gets their mounts! We still have ways to go before WoD or 6.0 is out, but don't get too relaxed! ;)


Speaking of WoD and future, if you are or have a scribe, check out the discussion @ Warlords of Draenor: Scribes Wanted! about the Darkmoon  Faire Trinkets and pitch in to help your guildies and to get your own DMF Trinket as soon as possible once the expansion pops! 

Also check out Decimal's lovely videos of our boss kills @ Warforged Encounter Repository.


2nd Monthly Pet Tournament is Over!

Due to lack of 25s, we only held the level 1 tournament this month. The Pet Master Hunthärd was beaten in a tough match by yours truly. Here's the list of the winners: 

1st Place: Gralloch
2nd Place: Hunthärd
3rd Place: Jindo

The Pet Battle Tournament next month will be on Friday 8th August, at your regular time! Make certain  your pets are at good shape, prizes are again really good. For the Max level tournament, we have a Darkmoon Eye and for Level 1 a Flawless Battle-Stone. 


Next Week on Friday 18th July we have a guild PvP night, hit us up for some Alliance slaying activities! 

Next Month, in addition to the Pet Battle Tournament, we will be having Old Raid Content evening to farm up achievements, RP/Transmog gear and other fun stuff. Sign ups are on the Calendar or you can contact Gralloch for more information. 

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