Legion is coming 8/30/16!


The Legion Returns August 30

With this new update I would like to point out a few things. Legion prepatch is expected (not officially announced) on 7/19. This means many things:

First off don't panic about the Mythic mount it will most likely be in 100% until xpansion launch as it was for SoO and on the mount list i have updated dates for people if you want to look at what you are currently expected to be for getting the mount, at the latest everyone should get them just before xpansion. 

Secondly is the increased system requirements. I know a few of us have boarderline PCs for running WoW and it may be time to upgrade before prepatch. Here are the new Minimum system requirements for both Windows and Mac: Click Here

Thirdly, there may be a possibility of Demon Hunters in prepatch! It would be interesting to raid along side them in HFC.

Just wanted to put that info out for everyone because it seems like the most important. Soon we can have full demon hunter raids on mythic mounts with high end pcs, the dream team.

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