General Guild News


Here are a few raid related guild news pieces from past few weeks: 

Warforged will continue selling Garrosh kills weekly until we beat him on heroic, due to the amount of people we've brought in still needing gear. So hit up your friends and families, and contact Kiralae or other officers if you have buyers or are interested in buying from us!

The Results from our Schedule poll have mostly settled. With the amount of people wanting to have a break at some point, it is highly likely we will take a small break depending how fast we are clearing the content. If you have opinions to either side still though, remember to post! Also good work so far gang and keep working hard!

We are still actively recruiting people! All good players are welcomed to come apply and try out. More specifically we are looking for at least 1 more healer (Disc Priest preferred), A monk who is comfortable with tanking/kiting in BM off spec and lots of talented DPS who can also play their offspecs well. Remember to go bump our recruitment threads and that the recruitment incentives are still going!  

Are you interested in different kind of guild and forum activities? Please come pitch your ideas on what we could be doing! 

"I'm surrounded by lunatics, who don't even need a moon." ~Voltaire~

Ive got some WoW lore trivia mod we can play with, and I also like screen shot contest for ppl to add a funny caption to etc.

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